IKEA Let’s Go Zero

Christ the King Emmanuel one of only four winners nationally.

On Tuesday 1 November 2022 Christ the King, Emmanuel officially opened its new IKEA Eco Hub which was developed as a result of being one of only 4 winners in the IKEA Let’s Go Zero competition this Summer. Students and teachers submitted their creative ideas to help make their college more sustainable and tackle climate change and as a winner we received IKEA products, solutions and funds to help bring our project vision to life.     

IKEA has helped to transform one of the Sixth Form’s small buildings into a dedicated space for eco work, from hands-on learning and study to planning community activities. The unique space has been equipped with movable furniture that enables learning to take place both indoors and outdoors as needed.    

A big part of the Christ the King Emmanuel vision is involving the wider community in their environmental work including setting up a community garden to running an environmental community day. Their new IKEA eco-hub means they’ll not only be able to take the teaching of sustainability even further, but they can also create a wonderful working and engagement space for their local community and local schools.

Let’s Go Zero: helping schools tackle climate change – IKEA

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

T Level Health students explore the history of mental health care

The Bethlem Museum of the Mind records the lives and experience and celebrates the achievements of people with mental health problems. 

The students had a presentation on the hospital and the history of treatment and ethics in mental health care. They had a tour of the museum and visited sections on labelling and diagnosis, freedom and constraint, temperament, treatments and recovery. The students especially found the artwork in the gallery inspiring, that was themed: A way from home: Bethlem artists on longing and belonging thought provoking. 

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