Virtual Future – Deptford

Students visit the Vertical Future Farm
The students went on a trip to Deptford’s new Virtual Future Hydroponics Vertical Farm, they had a really good day and were able to observe how technology can be used to grow herb crops and other edible plants simply using different wavelengths of light and nutrient based water to spray the aerated exposed roots of the plants therefore no soil is used.

 The students were able to use the visit as an information gathering opportunity  as well as take pictures to complete an assignment  that was based on designing a greenhouse to grow a genetically modified crop.

The visit included interactive lectures of 2 different topics i.e photosynthesis and Genetic engineering as well as a demo of how  ICT systems. are used to  control the Green house environment for maximal growth yields. It was an excellent visit overall and highly  beneficial for the students to see the application of science in a vocational setting.

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