Evening of Celebration

Staff, students and parents/guardians alike enjoyed a fantastic Evening of Celebration night recently, full of heartwarming speeches, jubilant celebration and overall cheer.

Our Evening of Celebration is a wonderful night where we celebrate and congratulate the learners leaving CTK that year. Certain learners, who have been nominated by our staff, are also selected to win awards which vary from department awards, all the way to Chaplaincy awards.

Below is a list of winners:

Art & Design

BTEC L2 Art & Design – Esraa

A delightful student to teach and a real asset to the college. Esraa has worked tirelessly throughout
the year to made exciting art work. With a drive and ambition to become an architect Esraa’s
commitment to her studies is example to us all.

BTEC L3 Art & Design – Harry

Harry has work hard to develop an art style that he can truly call his own. His work has matured into sophisticated illustrations that document his family history. A student that has progressed through level 1, 2 and now 3 make steady progress and improving all the time. A model student and an example to all what hard work can produce.

Community Engagement Award – Alicia

Always keen to help others, volunteer for all and every college event, opening or gathering.

Performing Arts

BTEC L3 Performing Arts – Morgan

Morgan is a hard worker, always so diligent and focused. She always wants to do her best and is an
active and engaged member of the class. She is polite, courteous and always says good morning. I
will miss her energy and enthusiasm for the performing arts and wish her all the best in the future.

Community Engagement Award – Faye

Faye has always assisted in open events. She never says no if I ask her to help out, be an
ambassador or promote the performing arts course. She has built her confidence in speaking in
front of others not just in performing but in life! Faye also assisted the #inspiringgirls project with a
voice over for their nomination for a charity award. I will miss our conversations and shared love of

Creative Media

BTEC L3 Creative Media – Milan

Milan is an exemplary student and has worked consistently hard throughout his two years at
CTK producing very high standards of work. He has shown excellent maturity and commitment,
aiming for a Distinctions in all his exam and coursework. Milan’s work reflects how he has built
on theoretical, creative and technical knowledge and understanding to demonstrate breadth and
depth in his studies. He has also given production support and advice to his classmates.

Community Engagement Award – Nadean

Nadean has been a positive support to her peers this year, both academically and emotionally. She
energises her peers in group activities and further develops her own skills by helping to upskill
others and generously giving her time and assistance. She makes the most of community life at
college and has volunteered as a subject ambassador for college open days.

Business & ICT

BTEC L3 ICT – Samuel

Samuel Davis has shown consistency in his personal development. He aims to expand his
knowledge by attending after college sessions to better understand computer systems and creating hardware. Samuel puts in outstanding effort when completing his assignments for ICT and always aims to achieve a distinction in his work.

BTEC L3 Business Studies – Chizoba

Chizoba is a pleasure to teach. He has shown great maturity throughout his studies by applying
himself even during remote learning. He is a mature, outgoing and respectful individual, who,
during lessons, contributes positively to the learning environment. Chizoba is an able student who
generally has demonstrated excellent skill-sets very well on the BTEC Tech Advanced Diploma in
Business, and is working towards achieving above his target grade. He is a polite and respectful
student who is able to conduct himself in a mature manner. His confidence in his own ability has
grown steadily as the course progressed and he is more adept at seeking clarification in matters he
is unsure of.

BTEC L2 Business Studies – Tihomir

Tihomir is a hardworking and dedicated student who is very passionate about his
studies. He is very conscientious and produces work to the highest standards and hands it in on
time. Tihomir is a good-humoured student who is highly motivated and gets on well with his peers.
He is very ambitious and wants to do well in his business studies course. He is a pleasure to teach.

BTEC Foundation Business Studies – Giuliano

Giuliano is a committed student who has worked really hard and has really excelled in his
studies. His confidence and maturity have grown over the past few months and this is especially
shown in his written work and involvement in teamwork activities. He is the IT Guru of the group. He is a very helpful student who will not hesitate to help his peers when it comes to IT matters.

The Madeline Grainger Award – Christina

Christina shows great independence in how she approaches her studies. She is often in
college earlier that she is required to apply herself to the work. Christina has also engaged with
mentoring through Urban Synergy where she sought support with developing her confidence
and teamworking skills. This is something above and beyond her academic studies that she fully
engaged with to develop herself.


BTEC L3 Engineering – Fejiro

An excellent attendance record Fejiro always tries his very best. Fejiro wants to do well, he always has his books at hand and always takes notes.

BTEC L2 Engineering – Timilehin

An excellent student who is committed to doing well in engineering. He is first to get involved in all
engineering activities and is a great team player.

Community Engagement Award – George

One of our most resilient Students with a high level of engagement in lessons throughout all Engineering Disciplines. George will deliver work to a high standard, to the deadlines set and is always willing to help his fellow students. George is showing a genuine interest in engineering and has a natural aptitude for the subject.


GCSE English Award – Geoffrey

I would like to nominate Geoffrey Gyamfi for his consistent hard-work and persistence in GCSE English. He is a very pleasant and polite young man.

GCSE Maths – Princess

Princess demonstrates a very positive attitude to maths and has been a role model and mentor to
other students. Excellent work ethic. We wish Princess every success.

Health & Social Care

BTEC L3 Health & Social Care – Maisie

Maisie is a kind, lovely and pleasant student that is always happy to help other student and her
teachers. Maisie has great attendance, attitude to learning and is self-motived.

BTEC L2 Health & Social Care – Sinead

Sinead is a sensible, calm, pleasant and studious young woman who has excelled in behaviour and
academic work.

Community Engagement Award – Precious

Academic Peer Mentor, Precious work with groups of 2 to 5 students on Unit 3 anatomy and
physiology, which many of our students struggle with. Precious brought forward her own style
of teaching to the topic and taught students in a manner that she understood as a student that
engaged her mentee.


Social Science Pathway Student of the Year Award – Kajiann

Kajiann is a self-driven, high motivated and respectful student, who approaches every situation with calmness, kindness, and maturity. Kajiann is the most level-headed student that I have every met who is intelligent and puts her all in everything that she does and is always happy to help those around her.

Business Studies Pathway Student of the Year Award – Zara

Zara has been a pleasure to teach and has worked very hard to ensure she does well in Business,
Law and ICT. In lessons she keeps her head down and works well with her peers and her teachers
for all 3 subjects.

Community Engagement Award – Sherelle

Sherelle has engaged well with extra-curricular through workshops, electives and attended sessions with external speakers to help support her career goals.

Applied Science

BTEC L3 Applied Science – Alexander

Alex has made outstanding progress on the programme due to his dedication, commitment and the independent study time invested in his work. We know he will be an exceptional forensic scientist.

Community Engagement Award – Vera

Vera is an inspirational young person. Vera is a conscientious learner and is always willing to support others and is a key member of the community at CTK. It was a pleasure to be a part of her
educational journey and we wish her all the best for the future.


BTEC L2 Sport – Connor

Connor has met all his deadlines and completed all coursework to his highest possible standard. Connor has provided help for the rest of the students in his class and has modelled outstanding behaviour in and outside of his lessons.

BTEC L3 Sport (The James Jackson Award) – Faisor

We would like to nominate Faisor Jimor for the same reasons as above and the commitment he has made from the transition from level 2 to level 3.

Community Engagement Award – Sahara

We would like to nominate Sahara Wilson, as she ran the Sports event for the chaplaincy and has
been at all the basketball games to volunteer as a table official. Sahara also volunteered to promote and work on the enrichment relaunch, which was a very successful event.

Hall Awards

Durham Hall Award – Alicia

Always keen to help others and happily volunteers for all and every college event, opening or

Canterbury Hall Award – Sheniz

Sheniz is such a well-meaning, and thoughtful student. She has contributed so much to the life and
community of the College. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and she always wants to help.

York Hall Award – Amina

Amina has been an exceptional student. Her attendance is excellent, and she works so diligently
and with a focused determination.

Aylesford Hall Award – Shannon

Excellent Attendance and always contributing helping with evenings and events.

Sixth Form Awards

Peter Fagan award (Outstanding Contribution in the Community or to the Life of the Sixth Form – Laila & Amelia

Laila and Amelia have been exemplary students throughout their time at college. They have
assisted in numerous open events and been a shining light as Student Ambassadors. They come
as a pair and always have a smile and a hello for staff. Outstanding contribution to the life of the
College and we wish them all the best for their future.

The Eco Committee Award – Freda

Freda is a key member of the Eco Committee. Of special note is promoting Meat Free Mondays and the recycling of single use plastics and the Eyes of the World campaign for COP 26. Freda has helped build habitats for priority species including hedgehogs and frogs.

The Chaplaincy Award – Rachel

Rachel has been a proactive supporter of the Chaplaincy, regularly reading at the weekly Mass in
the Chapel, attending Chaplaincy trips to represent CTK at Diocesan events, and demonstrating her
faith by engaging in charity fundraising and especially by offering support to her peers.

Cathy Coshall Award – Sawmarr

Sawmarr started from level 1 and is now upper 6 leaving this year. He has become a mature and confident young man who has worked really hard throughout his 4 years in CTK. This year he has been very helpful with the level 1 students. For example, for one of their units on developing a progression plan he gave them a talk on how he progressed from L1 to L3 in CTK. He was also part of the group who organised a progression and skills conference for the level 1 students and worked really hard at this. Finally, he was one of the keynote speakers at the Level 2 Business Conference.

Congratulations to all the winners from tonight, and a huge thank you to everyone who attended!

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