Life Skills sessions for ALS students

Additional Learning Support students (ALS) undertake “Life Skills” sessions

The ALS team has recently launched their “Life Skills” sessions for our ALS learners, with the intention of teaching them practical and worth-while skills to assist them in the future. The first session is cooking and sees learners preparing palm-oil-free toast and ethically sourced coffee for the staff members that ordered it. 

Learners found the class fantastic and enjoyed it immensely, many of which are now thinking about what session they would like to be run next. Mr Willson, organiser of the event and ALS Coordinator for CTK Emmanuel, had this to say, “I could not be happier with how the event went. The learners found it extremely useful, and they enjoyed it as well. Best of all they more prepared for the future, and we have raised money for a good cause. I am so excited for the next session and hope that the learners find this one just as rewarding.” 

Staff were also impressed by how great the class was for their own wellbeing. Ms Jarman, a staff member at CTK Emmanuel, had this to say, “It has been amazing. It is nice to have a place where staff members can chat and eat with other staff who they may not see on a usual basis, has been a truly enriching experience and it is for a great cause!”  

The money raised from the session has been donated to Demelza, a charity of the learner’s own choosing. Demelza is a charity that assists families with young members suffering from terminal and very serious illnesses.  

The incentive is a fantastic way to teach our learners vital skills whilst also encouraging independent growth. We eagerly await the announcement of the next class and look forward the ALS department will organise next. 

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