Apprenticeship Week

Learning all about apprenticeships!

Learners at CTK Emmanuel were treated to our contributions towards the National Apprenticeship Week this week, including talks and presentations by speakers from a variety of different areas and professions. As a sixth form, it is our privilege to run events such as these that highlight other avenues learners can progress onto, as informing learners on the alternative choices they have after studying at CTK is important to nurturing their development. 

CTK Alumnus, Ms. Adomaityte, held a great talk entitled, ‘Her Journey as an Apprentice’ and was all about her journey from a CTK learner, to studying an apprenticeship and eventually culminating in her current position as a Data Analyst at HDR. The talk was inspiring to the learners and concentrated on the benefits of studying an apprenticeship.  

Another great talk was held remotely by Tom Culley (British Telecom & Co-Chair at London Apprenticeship Ambassador Network) who gave an educating presentation on what employers would look for in a prospective apprentice. This talk was invaluable as it allowed learners to gain a useful insight into what desirable characteristics potential employers would be looking for. 

The week has been full of amazing talks, like the two mentioned above, and we would like to take this moment to wholeheartedly thank all the speakers who generously donated their time to further educate us with their fascinating presentations. 

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